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Fitting and Delivery

The team of professionals from L & P Carpets can arrange the installation of your flooring so you don't have to lift a finger. Fitting is not a service provided by our company, however we have vetted and registered installers who can offer their services to you. When you use one of our suggested fitters, your arrangement is with the fitter and not with our shop, which gives you great value for money. Unlike other flooring retailers, we receive no financial benefit from the cost of installation, keeping the cost lower for you.

A Seamless Process

If you would prefer to use your own fitter to install the new carpet or flooring you have purchased from L&P Carpets, we are happy for you to arrange with them for your goods to be collected from the shop. If you would like your new flooring to be delivered, please mention this at the time of your purchase, and we will arrange the delivery time and date. This service is normally free within a 5-mile radius.

Company Van

Measuring Guide

You need to make a sketch of the area you want to carpet and take every single measurement that you can. Remember to write your measurements exactly as well as taking any doorways into account. You must let us know the type of floor that you have as, should you require gripper, it may need to be stuck down on some types of concrete floor.

Measuring a Flat Area

When you measure from wall to wall, do not forget to measure into any door frames or alcoves on either side of the room. This will give you the width of the room. For the room length, do the same as for the first measurement. If your room dimensions exceed the standard width of a carpet, a join is required. The standard width of a carpet is 4 or 5 metres.

Measuring Your Hall and Landing

Measuring these types of rooms is slightly more complicated, but if you sketch the shape and take every single measurement, all should go well. Measure the hall and the landing the same as you would a flat area, remembering to go into doorways and to mark clearly where the staircase goes. On the landing, it is important to include the first riser (step) in your measurements.

Measuring Your Stairs

For the stairs, you need to check the dimensions of one or two stairs to ensure they are the same, and then count the number of stairs you have.

  • A standard staircase has between 11 and 14 stairs, the very top riser being included in the landing measurements. Each stair has a 'tread' and a 'riser', and we measure the width of the stair, and then the length of one tread and riser together.
  • Sometimes, at the base of your stairs, you have a stair that has a curved edge. This is called a 'bullnose' and you need to measure the tread and riser separately.
  • Your staircase may also turn and have triangular-shaped stairs known as 'winders'. These need to be measured separately, noting their widest dimensions.
  • You can bring the sizes in store and our experienced staff will work out how much carpet you will need. If you would like us to check the measurements, please do not hesitate to ask as this service is free.

Carpet on Stairs

Contact our flooring company in Havant, Hampshire, to find out more about our delivery and fitting process.